Are You an American Warrior?

Year 2020 has been a different year, indeed…

Covid19 has shut down over 100,000 small businesses. It is a sad figure but let’s look on the bright side. There are over 30.7 million small businesses. That is less than 1% of small businesses having to shut down due to Covid19. However, it is still a huge economic impact that will cause shockwaves in the economy for years to come.

During this tumultuous time, Arizona businesses have had to use ingenuity and creativity to stay afloat. That is why we created the video below, “Are You an American Warrior?”.

It seems that no matter what Arizona tends to “fight” back and keep moving forward. Owners of businesses across Arizona are tough fighters willing to take on whatever comes at them.

Mountainside Fitness CEO just won a ruling from a Maricopa County Superior Court, stating that “Arizona gyms must be given a chance to reopen within a week,” and that they should have a chance to prove they can reopen safely. That is a huge step forward in opening Arizona back up to full capacity.

Not only that but Arizona businesses, churches and nonprofits were able to keep employees on payroll because of the Paycheck Protection Program. More than 11,326 entities in Arizona received funding to help keep employees on the payroll. The PPP that has recently been extended by President Trump. This will help ensure that AZ businesses can continue to keep employees on payroll. This is a huge boost to the economy!

There has also been a bad side to all of this and that this was a horrible virus that hurt people and caused death. We will always remember those that lost their lives. They were mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, and heroes. Their memory will forever be preserved in the memories of loved ones and the community.

Arizonans did everything they could to save lives and President Trump has held Arizona as the model for the nation on how to handle Covid19. AZ Governor Doug Ducey said, “We have no desire to shut anything down. We just want to take a commonsense approach to mitigate Covid19. That’s what we’ve done…”

Before Covid19, Arizona’s tourism saw four years of record-breaking growth. In 2019, Arizona saw a record year in tourism and is already looking for a strong comeback for 2021. There are plenty of things to look forward to. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Service Industries are Innovating the way they Sanitize Homes and the the Workplace.
  • A Boost in Auto Part Manufacturing with New Trade Deals
  • Electric Car Manufacturing like Lucid Motors Building a Plant in Casa Grande
  • The City of Maricopa is Planning to Build a New Office Industrial-Complex
  • Companies are starting to promote American patriotism and converting their service and product to Made in America. Quality Glass Service, LLC. is an example of an auto glass company starting to promote and sell Made in America Windshield Glass.
  • This is just a few things that show how Arizona will come back better than stronger than ever.